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About InStride

Using advanced kinetic technology, InStride® is an application designed to track your walking pattern using a mobile device.

The Parameters

Based on solid human kinetic science, InStride® uses advanced algorithms and the accelerometers in your mobile device to capture the specific properties of your movement.

Symmetry icon


InStride® captures the symmetry of your walk and showcases it visually in an easy-to-understand target design.

Uniformity Icon


Your stride consists of the total of your left and right step. The uniformity parameter measures the similarity between your full strides.

Efficiency icon


Analyzing your pace and force, InStride® calculates the efficiency and power of your walk.

Speed icon


InStride® determines the time it takes for you to walk the preset distance and displays this value as your speed.

Steps icon


Similar to a pedometer, InStride® counts the steps (also referred to as heel strikes) of your walk.

InStride® does not compare your pattern to others – instead, it displays your personal progression. For greater accuracy in your calculations, InStride® recommends that you walk the optimal distance of 30 to 40 meters.


InStride® is easy to use and even easier to understand.
Simply follow these 4 steps and you’ll be ready to go.

Ensure you have sufficient room to complete your walk in a straight line. We recommend a distance of 30 to 40 meters.

Step 1

Touch begin to start your walk. Headphones are required when using this app.

Step 2

Secure device to your lower back as shown. Listen for the audible signal and begin walking normally.

Step 3

Remove the device and touch 'Stop". Choose “Save Walk”.

Step 4

View your results.